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Breakfast: Cheese Waffle Pancakes

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Facial Masks: Etude House, Esfolio and Baroness

I am trying to include the facial mask to my daily skin care routine. However, I was so lazy to do this every night. So I decided to do it every Friday night to de-stress and relax after a work week. 
The Etude House facial masks are my favorites because it has a rich amount of liquid essences included in a single pack.  I noticed that it made my skin soft, smooth and minimized the visibility of pores right after I used it. I looked fresh! haha! 

The Esfolio and Baroness facial masks are the affordable masks which I bought from the recent BeautyMnl's sale. It costs Php 44 for Esfolio  and Php 30 for Baroness. I was intrigued to try because of the customers's good feedback. So far, the Esfolio's Pearl Essence Mask is my new fave, it achieved the skin effects that I experienced on EH's facial masks. The only thing that I don't like is the amount of liquid essences which are enough for a single use unlike the EH's facial masks. For the Esfolio's Collagen Jell…

Omega-3 Supplements

Omega-3 Fish oil supplement is part of my daily  essentials. It helps in balancing the levels of cholesterol and sugar of mine. The 2 fish oil brands that I like are Usana BiOmega and Healthy Options Omega-3. These 2 has no fishy after taste.

Here are a few articles about the benefits of Omega-3 Fish oil: 1. 2. 3.

French Vanilla Latte

It was my first time  to dine at Tim Horton’s Cafe. The French Vanilla Latte  and the choco chip muffin are good and tasty. Lastly, it is affordable in the pocket.

Gradle: Setting Up

Hello my dear readers!

It's been months since my last post.. Sorry, for not updating my blog. I was so busy with my work and other stuffs. Hope all of you are doing well. It's 2014, I hope you had a great start of the year. :)

Orange Chiffon Cake ala Mel

Hello my dear readers! Tonight i baked an orange chiffon cake. I used the minute maid pulpy orange for the juice. Luckily, it turned out well and yummy! I would like to thank my hubby for helping me mixing the egg whites to form a soft and firm peak. And also for making the italian buttercream icing! i need his powerful arms for mixing the egg whites for we don't have a stand or hand mixer. Thanks again my wafu hubby! Here's a photo of my cake: